BA in Management @ Golden Gate University _Cum laude 2014

Education was a big part of my childhood. My mother is self-taught and strongly values learning. My dad was a lifetime scholar and, together, we enjoyed reading on our balcony facing the Atlantic ocean.

In college, I fell in love with the subject of psychology and the impact we each have on each other, on organizations and on society. If you’re like me and eat words for breakfast check out some of the titles below…

  • The Future of Leadership Brigette Tasha Hyacinth
  • Start with why? Simon Sinek
  • The Power of Storytelling Craig Wortmann
  • Bridging Organizational Design & Performance Kesler & Kates
  • High-Performance Habits Brendon Burchard
  • Drive Daniel Pink
  • Exponential Organizations Yuri Van Geest & Peter Diamandis
  • Content, Inc Joe Pulizzi
  • Likable Social Media Dave Kerpen
  • How to find friends and & Influence People Dale Carnegie
  • China Inc. Ted C Fishman
  • Ten Day MBA Steven Silbiger
  • The Support Economy Zuboff & Maxmin
  • Inbound Marketing Dharmesh Shah & Brian Halligan

Share your favorite reads and let me know what you like about them!