I’ve a strength in building teams, working collaboratively in an ambiguous environment with limited resources. I thrive best when assessing situations, bringing people and ideas together to make things happen. Expert at organizational design, identifying high impact talent levers, and creating a culture of ownership through meaningful collaboration.

I strongly believe in operationalizing knowledge to support and learn from each other and I’m passionate about diversity, inclusivity & giving access to opportunity.

I bring empathy, experience, and curiosity with broad experience designing and implementing strategic initiatives at startup companies. Responsible for overall operations, talent and finance, I’ve added visibility and accountability to Epic by implementing the cloud-based financial systems, rolled out the compensation plan for employees as well as performance and sign on bonuses for increased engagement.

I started my career by cofounding a company and building it to 7 figures in recurring revenues. Over the years, I’ve also advised social impact entrepreneurs whenever I feel I can add value.

The Startup Journey

7 Epic Steps to Engagement

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