A little about me

Global diversity advocate running on abstract mental challenges. Always learning. Powerful belief in addressing societal needs… in people and their desire and ability to achieve more.

Bi-racial product of  Sierra Leone, a third world, immigrant country in Africa kindled an early appreciation for our cultural differences and respect for nature’s bounties. My earliest memories are of swimming in the Atlantic. Getting slammed in the face with surf, only to gulp down saltwater and go back for more.

“Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” – Joshua J. Marine

With every challenge comes the opportunity to look within me for more powerful self. I wear many hats including a scarf that serves as a reminder of who I am. My scarf is not just a fashion piece or a show of faith. It is a daily note to self to behave with dignity, spirituality, and humanity.

I come from a large family and long line of independent, high performing leaders who are not afraid to challenge the status quo, make a stand, and reach for what they want. As a child, I was quiet, listening and even at an early age wondering what my purpose was.


I’ve a strength in building teams, working collaboratively in an ambiguous environment with limited resources. I thrive best when assessing situations, bringing people and ideas together to make things happen. Expert at organizational design, identifying high impact talent levers, and creating a culture of ownership through meaningful collaboration.

I strongly believe in operationalizing knowledge to support and learn from each other and I’m passionate about diversity, inclusivity & giving access to opportunity.

I bring empathy, experience, and curiosity with broad experience designing and implementing strategic initiatives at startup companies. Responsible for overall operations, talent and finance, I’ve added visibility and accountability to Epic by implementing the cloud-based financial systems, rolled out the compensation plan for employees as well as performance and sign on bonuses for increased engagement.

I started my career by cofounding a company and building it to 7 figures in recurring revenues. Over the years, I’ve also advised social impact entrepreneurs whenever I feel I can add value.

The Startup Journey

7 Epic Steps to Engagement

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BA in Management @ Golden Gate University _Cum laude 2014

Education was a big part of my childhood. My mother is self-taught and strongly values learning. My dad was a lifetime scholar and, together, we enjoyed reading on our balcony facing the Atlantic ocean.

In college, I fell in love with the subject of psychology and the impact we each have on each other, on organizations and on society. If you’re like me and eat words for breakfast check out some of the titles below…

  • The Future of Leadership Brigette Tasha Hyacinth
  • Start with why? Simon Sinek
  • The Power of Storytelling Craig Wortmann
  • Bridging Organizational Design & Performance Kesler & Kates
  • High-Performance Habits Brendon Burchard
  • Drive Daniel Pink
  • Exponential Organizations Yuri Van Geest & Peter Diamandis
  • Content, Inc Joe Pulizzi
  • Likable Social Media Dave Kerpen
  • How to find friends and & Influence People Dale Carnegie
  • China Inc. Ted C Fishman
  • Ten Day MBA Steven Silbiger
  • The Support Economy Zuboff & Maxmin
  • Inbound Marketing Dharmesh Shah & Brian Halligan

Share your favorite reads and let me know what you like about them!


A big part of who I am comes from my family. My parents taught by default strong values in empathy and community.  My kids teach me every day to show up and be my best self even as I try to teach them to be confident and globally conscious.

We enjoy traveling, hiking, reading, lego building and storytelling…